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Jun-Soo Park
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j-hope IN THE BOX

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Supergruppen BTS firar 10 år och släpper två unika filmer om gruppens medlemmar j-hope och SUGA. Filmerna visas exklusivt på bio 17-18 juni.

Filmerna visas efter varandra i samma salong. Du behöver boka biljetter till båda filmerna separat om du vill se båda. Köp biljetter till SUGA: Road to D-DAY här

I'm your HOPE. You're my HOPE. I'm j-hope.

j-hope is the first Korean musician to headline the main stage of the world's largest music festival, "Lollapalooza" in Chicago. The young Jung Hoseok, who loved dance, is now famously known as j-hope, the main dancer and rapper of the world-renowned group, BTS.

After the huge success of "Dynamite" and "Butter," he begins working on his first official solo album. Amid concerns and anxiety about his identity as a solo artist, j-hope takes a leap of faith, and prepares to come out of the box and greet the world. We capture the daily life of artist, j-hope, for 200 days, from the production of "Jack In The Box" and the listening party, to his preparation and appearance on the stage of "Lollapalooza."

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